Our Little Patch of Eden ...

27 April 2011

This recent spell of hot weather has worked magic down the allotment. All the seeds we tentatively sowed in recent weeks are all coming through; potatoes, carrots, spinach, beans, shallots, onions, peas, corn and cucumbers. Last years dormant herbs and our blush-pink stalked rhubarb plants have sprung back to life. It's looking promising.

Since my last allotment related post we've been down the plot quite a bit and it is good to see the old allotment community again for another season. We don't have much by way of a garden living in a city and so near to the beach, just a long courtyard and a small flat roof balcony, so we see the allotment as our green outdoor space - our own little patch of Eden.

Even this early in the growing season the plot gave us some loot to take home; vibrant stalks of rainbow chard, a couple of leeks, sage, chives and marjoram all of which made a delicious allotment flan for tea. Plus we picked some rhubarb which is now waiting patiently in the bottom of the fridge for a bit of crumble action later this week.

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